• Out of this world cloud solutions!

    We believe the cloud can be whatever you make of it.

    Creative ideas fuel the future.

    Our software brings dreams to life.

  • Tell your story!

    We believe every great success has a great story.

    Tell the tale on every platform.

    Our solutions will touch your customers.


Cloud Solutions

Cross platform web applications designed for ease of use and great user experiences.

Mobile Apps

Device specific applications made for intuitive navigation and platform feature support.

App Hosting

Secure, stable, on-demand services built for growing companies.

Any device, every customer

Great products just work. They become an extension of our lives, our habits and our thought process.
Great apps provide the functionality users need when and where they need them.
Make Believe Software can help you realize a holistic approach to your web experience.

About Us

We love making great software and we believe software can change the world for the better. The right software can open new worlds of possibilities for your business. If your company is ready for an amazing software solution, contact us so we can make you believe.

Make Believe Software was founded in 2006 by Patrick Sculley and has provided out of this world solutions for Fortune 100 and startup companies alike.

  • User Experience Design
  • Web and Mobile App Development
  • Collaborative Workflows
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Public API’s
  • Social Network Integration
  • Online Video Platforms
  • Content Management


We work with latest technologies.
Discover new worlds!